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Hospital Pricing Rule is a Step in the Right Direction

By: Paul Ashley, January 29, 2019

It seemed like a good idea: “Since so many people are frustrated by healthcare pricing that can seem secretive and arcane, let’s require hospitals to make their prices public.”  

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Why Technology Matters

By: Vishal Lodha, October 18, 2018

Poll anyone off the street, and they'll absolutely agree that technology matters. If you ask FirstPerson CEO and founder, Bryan Brenner, he'll tell you that technology can "increase productivity and efficiency, and enhance the work experience for [your] employees." According to Will Forrest, Principal at McKinsey & Company and a leading expert on the business value of IT, as quoted in this Forbes article, technology can also "be a source of competitive differentiation and dramatic wealth creation."

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Are Captives the Remedy for Small Organizations to Save on Benefit Costs?

By: Krista Gordon, July 11, 2018

Traditionally, only big organizations considered self-funding employee benefits. The expenses could be so volatile that small- to medium-sized organizations couldn’t risk the bottom-line impact.

Recently, though, more small- to mid-sized organizations are transitioning to self-funded arrangements by pooling their healthcare costs with other employers to establish captives.

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Unraveling PBMs and Their Role in the Marketplace

By: Ben Fuelberth, June 14, 2018

Once upon a time, buying a new car meant purchasing it directly from the automaker. Then dealerships emerged to function as intermediaries between manufacturers and consumers. As a result, we’re all accustomed to buying new cars from dealers representing one or more brands exclusively.

But imagine if, rather than being brand-specific, dealerships sold any and all brands, and you shopped from one dealer to the other to find the best deal on whatever car you were looking for.

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Three Approaches to Leading Change

By: Bryan Brenner, May 25, 2018

FirstPerson has been in a state of change for a long time. It’s in our DNA. And has been since we launched 20 years ago. Our growth is a result of continuous innovation and improvement.

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