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Same-Sex Marriage: What's Next for Benefit Plans?

Posted by Katy Stowers

October 16, 2014

Same-sex marriage has been a hot debate in Indiana over the last year. So it should come as no surprise—unless you’ve been living under a rock—that a decision has finally been made on the matter.

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Fight the Germs. Create a Healthy Workplace.

Posted by Kaitlin Enneking

October 15, 2014

Let’s face it. We all have to go to work. So unless you have the luxury of taking a vacation every time a coworker shows up under the weather, you’re going to need some defensive tricks to help you survive without getting sick.

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Top 5 Ways to Maximize Your Employee Benefits in 2015

Posted by Paul Ashley

October 14, 2014

For a majority of employers—more than 80%—and their employees, open enrollment has started or is right around the corner. The months of October and November will be filled with meetings and decisions. Here are five tips to help you and your family make better decisions when it comes to choosing your health care and maximize your benefits in 2015:

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A Lesson from Robin Williams on Workplace Well-being

Posted by Carrie Kass

October 8, 2014

Let’s talk about the mental health of our workforce. Yes, you read that correctly. Mental health. Our wellness strategies are often great at addressing physical health and even other elements of well-being, such as career and financial health. But do you have a strategy in place to support employees’ mental well-being? And if so, do you believe those tools are meeting the needs of your employees?

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How to Create an Award-Winning Employee Handbook

Posted by Mike Bensi

October 7, 2014

Employee handbooks get a bad rap. They’re seen as a rule book, telling employees what they can’t do more often than what they can do. The worst ones drown you with 50 or more pages of policies, procedures, and thou shalt not’s, which can come off like an ongoing rant from an attorney. But they don’t have to be this way.

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