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Building Courage, Character, and Confidence for Girls in Central Indiana [VIDEO]

August 25, 2016

It’s that time again to feature a nonprofit making a difference in Indiana. This month, we invited Deborah Smith, CEO of Girl Scouts of Central Indiana, to talk about their story and how they’re making a difference in the lives of girls in Indiana. Watch the video or read the transcript below. 

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Affordable Care Act Reporting Requirements

August 23, 2016

It seems like employers just finished up year one of reporting to the IRS on Forms 1095-C and 1094-C, but it’s already time to look ahead to year two. While most reporting rules stayed the same, it is important to once again familiarize yourself with the basics on Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting to ensure your organization is in compliance. This is especially important for organizations who may have grown to over 50 employees in the 2015 calendar year and are now required to report. Similarly, those organizations with between 50 and 100 employees were not subject to penalties for the 2015 plan year, but will be subject to penalties going forward. That means it’s even more important to stay on top of this.

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Stop Feeding Employees Feedback Sandwiches

August 18, 2016

As a manager, how many times have you tried to use the feedback sandwich model? The recipe typically goes something like this:

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Common Excuses for Not Getting a Flu Shot

August 11, 2016

Even though we’re still in the warmth of summertime, it’s important to start thinking about how you can take care of yourself this fall and winter by getting your flu shot. Flu season usually begins as early as October and can last as late as May. Getting your flu shot not only protects your health, but also helps foster a healthy workplace.

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Great Leaders Sharpen Their Decision-Making Skills

August 5, 2016

"The only reason you have a problem is that you haven't made a decision."

This is the opening line to a white paper by Gino Wickman of EOS Worldwide, titled, Decide! The One Common Denominator of All Great Leaders. In this white paper, Gino attributes the ability to make good decisions to great companies with great leaders.

It sounds so simple: Make a decision. But this is the key reason why leaders and companies fail. Analysis paralysis, overcomplicating simple decisions, debate, review, delay. It is a recipe for disaster, but it happens all the time.

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