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5 Tips for Taking on a New Leadership Role

Posted by Deb Hunter

September 30, 2014

So you’ve taken on a new leadership role. What do you do now? No need to panic. Here are five tips to help you get started:

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Topics: Human Resources, Employee Engagement

Give Your Employees a Voice

Posted by Andréa Homoya

September 24, 2014

Strategy. It’s what all wellness programs have in common. They also tend to have a common loophole: not all strategies consider what employees want.

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Topics: Wellness

Five Things I Did Not Accomplish by the Age of 40

Posted by Julie Bingham

September 23, 2014

It’s that time of year again—nominations for the IBJ’s Forty Under 40 are due on September 26, 2014. Each year I look forward to reading about the honorees and all they have contributed to the Indianapolis community.

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The Story of David, His Insurance Broker, and Goliath

Posted by Brandon Moore

September 18, 2014

Most of us know the story of David and Goliath. But what you may not have known was the role David’s insurance broker took in the battle. 

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Topics: Health Care Reform, Benefits

Does Your Wellness Program Have Goals?

Posted by Kaitlin Enneking

September 17, 2014

Did you know there is an entire industry committed to helping Americans set and obtain their goals? On a personal level, we buy into that industry when we aim to reach physical health goals and achieve professional success. As organizations, we buy into it when laying out strategic plans. However, I have noticed a lack of goal setting in strategic planning for wellness programs. 

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Topics: Wellness