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Trend 8: Offer Something Special

Posted by Deb Hunter

April 22, 2014

Company values—just these two words alone can make your eyes roll. But don’t write me off just yet. I believe company values attract customers, retain employees, and identify the foundation of your business. Here’s how.

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Choose Your Own (Healthy) Adventure

Posted by Andréa Homoya

April 17, 2014

Being healthy is tough, especially in the United States. We’re surrounded by fast food, we work long hours in high-stress jobs, and we’re often reluctant to hit the gym. Our culture is great at all-or-nothing thinking—we’re either healthy or unhealthy, fit or out of shape, stressed out or on the ball.

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Guest Post: Know Your Audience for a Better Presentation

Posted by Jeff Good

April 10, 2014

If you want every angle of a transaction to be considered, including the upside and the risk, you want to talk to Jeff. He’s a CFO with 30 years of successful business management and executive leadership experience. With a solid foundation in finance and accounting, he has developed and implemented business growth strategies, with special focus in the areas of capital formation, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance and employee compensation and benefits.

Whether you’re the company CEO explaining your business model to a prospective investor, or delivering a message to internal employees, it’s imperative to know your audience in order to maximize the effectiveness of your message. In the earlier days of my career as an accountant and analyst, I took great pride in dissecting the interrelationships of financial information and presenting my findings to the board, anticipating a lively boardroom discussion of budget variances, ratio trends, and debits and credits. To my growing frustration, however, I couldn’t really understand why our board members had little interest in diving into great financial detail.

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Your Health. Your Way.

Posted by Carrie Kass

April 9, 2014

Most of us have fallen into a workout rut at least once before. With the human attention span being only 10 minutes, it’s only natural to get bored. But, what if you had a program that supported your employees’ personal wellness journey, while giving them:

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Trend 7: Embrace the Individual

Posted by Mike Bensi

April 8, 2014


Think about the last time you went to get ice cream. You walk up to the counter and the aroma of freshly made waffle cones overwhelm you. You look to the flavors. More options than you could ever taste. But where to start? Do you go with moose tracks or raspberry truffle? Go ahead, taste a few samples before making your pick. But what would happen if there were only one flavor to choose from? Maybe you get lucky and like that flavor. More than likely than not, it would result in a tantrum in the middle of the store.

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