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Seven Ways to Hug Your Clients

Posted by Amber Griffin

October 6, 2015

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So, you got a new client. Great! Now how do you make sure you keep them? If you’re thinking you can send them a holiday e-greeting and you’re good until next year, think again.

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The Top Pitfalls of Title Inflation

Posted by Julie Bingham

October 1, 2015

In today’s workplace, you’ve probably already heard me tell you it’s not all about the paycheck. Employees and employers alike are defining the employment experience to include the full spectrum of total rewards—compensation, benefits, work-life, performance and recognition, and development and career opportunities.

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Three Reasons to Attend the Indiana Health and Wellness Summit

Posted by Mechelle Meadows

September 28, 2015

three reasons to attend the indiana health and wellness summit - lightbulb idea

As the beginning of October approaches, the FirstPerson Wellness Team always looks forward to the Indiana Health and Wellness Summit. This two-day event brings together professionals from around the state to learn what’s new in the world of wellness as well as how to incorporate the four pillars of holistic well-being into their workplace, beef up their well-being programs and data measurement, and bring fresh motivation to a state that consistently ranks low in overall health.

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Three Tips for Building Lasting Relationships with (B2B) Customers

Posted by Elizabeth Vire

September 22, 2015

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We are all customers. And we’ve all had good, bad, and mediocre experiences. But what about extraordinary experiences?

These experiences are what we remember, and they shape our relationships. Extraordinary experiences make people feel special and important, and they also build loyalty. If a company goes above and beyond for me, I’m very likely to become a regular customer.
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Why Onboarding Employees is Important to Your Firm's Happily Ever After

Posted by Alli Isaacs

September 15, 2015

Happily Ever After Wooden Sign

Picture this: you’ve been searching for mister or miss right for a while now. You log in to your online dating profile and have a message from your perfect match. You agree to meet for dinner and get to know each other. And you spend an embarrassing amount of time getting ready to make sure everything is perfect, because you know the first impression can make or break your happily ever after.

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