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Why We Are Thankful

Posted by Bryan Brenner

November 26, 2014

FirstPeeps have learned over the years that a heart of gratitude, no matter the circumstance, is good for the soul.

And at this time of year, we are reminded of so much good—and also pain—that we see in our lives and the lives of others. We have associates, clients, and friends celebrating new life, suffering from difficult diagnoses, starting brand new journeys, and struggling to find their next path in life. It’s a sea of emotion.

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How to Give Thanks to Your Employees

Posted by Laura Lubus

November 26, 2014

Hooray! We’re almost done with open enrollment and are excited to start a new year. And as things are winding down this year, you may be doing a bit of housekeeping to get your employees ready, reminding them of new initiatives, projects, and upcoming deadlines.

But will your employees hear that message?

I venture to guess, most likely not. While you are reminding them of deadlines and projects, they are likely thinking about thawing the turkey for Thanksgiving, cleaning the house for their soon-arriving guests, and what gifts to give for Christmas. The last thing they want is their boss harping on them while their thoughts are with family and friends.

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3 Important Candidate Questions to Expect in an Interview

Posted by Mike Bensi

November 25, 2014

The Orr Fellowship Program recruits the best and brightest college students interested in working with local entrepreneurial companies. And last week, Dan Hunt and I had the pleasure to participate in the program’s Finalist Day.

Companies participating in the program have the opportunity to select a candidate to perform in various high-level roles throughout a two-year fellowship. The day was filled with eight interviews of smart, energetic, and driven college seniors. It was thrilling and exhausting to talk with all eight individuals within an eight-hour day, but most of all it was an amazing and humbling experience.

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MyChoice and Maxwell Health, Soul Mates Made in Benefits Heaven

Posted by Carrie Kass

November 24, 2014

Over the last couple weeks, you may have heard about MyChoice, an enriched shopping experience for employees that provides employers with more flexibility, control, and options for their benefits offerings. A new solution and strategy brought to you by FirstPerson.

And as Bryan noted last week in his blog, MyChoice found its technology soul mate in Maxwell Health. Using Maxwell Health’s technology platform, it provides a benefits administration component to support both a private marketplace and public exchange.

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Get Wellness Expertise at Your Fingertips

Posted by Chuck Gillespie

November 20, 2014

Metrics, return on investment, strategy, employee engagement, management, benefits, health care claims reduction, and the list goes on. These have become words synonymous with workplace wellness initiatives. However, there are very few opportunities to learn and train beyond on-the-job training.

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