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RESOLVE 2015 Takeaways

Posted by Bryan Brenner

December 1, 2015

RESOLVE’s goal is to provide inspiration to both the modern workplace and today’s employee. And RESOLVE 2015 was no exception. We switched things up from previous years by adding burst sessions to our agenda: short talks focused on one specific topic. We were also thrilled to welcome Scott Dorsey and Todd Richardson as our keynote speakers.

If you weren’t able to attend—and even if you did—here’s a quick recap with my top three takeaways from the morning:

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Four Devices That Can Leverage Your Wellness Program

Posted by Kaitlin Enneking

November 30, 2015

Motivation. Accountability. Willpower. No matter how you say it, sticking to goals and achieving your desired health outcomes requires intention and effort. The good news is that mobile apps and wearable devices, such as MyFitnessPal and FitBit, are making it easier than ever for individuals to stay motivated. The even better news is that as an organization you can leverage the success of these devices and create wellness initiatives that not only educate and motivate but also engage your employees from start to finish.

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A Season of Workplace Giving

Posted by Carrie Kass

November 24, 2015

The holiday season has arrived! I’ve always enjoyed this time of the year, mostly because I cherish spending extra time with those whom I love the most: my family and dear friends.

I also enjoy the holiday season because it’s a special season of giving. Giving goes beyond beautifully-wrapped presents or delicious holiday treats. It also means giving back to others.

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FirstPeeps Kick Off the Holiday Season by Giving Thanks

Posted by Amber Griffin

November 19, 2015

The holiday season has arrived! Between Black Friday sales making their way in your local paper, hobby stores lined with trees and Christmas decorations, and of course the recent controversy of the red Starbucks cup, it seems like we’ve skipped over a holiday here. Oh that’s right, Thanksgiving!

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Are You Focused on Employee Performance?

Posted by Mike Bensi

November 10, 2015

Imagine a clock. The big hand is on the 12. The little hand is on the 8. What time is it? Before you answer that question, ask yourself the following:

Are you looking around to see which of your employees have arrived late, or are you focused on the task at hand? Perhaps the bigger question is: are you using the right metrics to measure employee performance?

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