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FirstPeeps Kick Off the Holiday Season by Giving Thanks

November 22, 2016

Move over fall (and summer-like weather!); the holiday season is officially here. Although the FirstPeeps have been busy during Open Enrollment season, we had a chance last week to take some time to slow down at our Thanksgiving Pitch-In.

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Seven Ways to Hug Your Clients

October 6, 2015

Two mugs with hear design

So, you got a new client. Great! Now how do you make sure you keep them? If you’re thinking you can send them a holiday e-greeting and you’re good until next year, think again.

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Why It's Not Enough to Just Be a Manager

March 30, 2015

An online survey from found that half of employees would fire their boss if they could. Why this mentality? Because managers are so worried about doing things right, they don’t think about doing the right thing. The word change is not something managers have in their vocabulary. Organizations need true leaders to be strong and successful, not just managers who are stuck administering rules.

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Organizational Culture. What's That?

October 23, 2014

“I don’t want to go to work today.”

Let’s face it, most people say this at least once a week, if not more. Even I’ve been guilty of saying it at my previous jobs. And although we may say this, we never do anything different to change that mentality. The truth is many people don’t like their jobs. So if you fit into the I-don’t-like-my-job category, have you ever stopped and thought about why?

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7 Ways to Practice Mindfulness Throughout the Hiring Process

July 18, 2014

Everyone knows that job searching can be frustrating. For employers, finding the right candidate for a  position can be just as much work. Some positions get hundreds of candidates and the process can take  a while, but keep in mind that how you present yourself during the interview process could be a first impression of how your company treats its employees.

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