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Ben is an Advisor who gets to know his clients and forms long-term relationships. Once he has gained an understanding of a client’s goals, culture, and initiatives, he delivers innovative, creative solutions that fulfill their needs and meet strategic goals.
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Unraveling PBMs and Their Role in the Marketplace

By: Ben Fuelberth, June 14, 2018

Once upon a time, buying a new car meant purchasing it directly from the automaker. Then dealerships emerged to function as intermediaries between manufacturers and consumers. As a result, we’re all accustomed to buying new cars from dealers representing one or more brands exclusively.

But imagine if, rather than being brand-specific, dealerships sold any and all brands, and you shopped from one dealer to the other to find the best deal on whatever car you were looking for.

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Anthem and MDwise to Exit Individual Insurance Exchange Market in Indiana

By: Ben Fuelberth, June 27, 2017

Last week Anthem and MDwise announced that they’ll both exit the insurance exchange market in 2018, only one year after UnitedHealthcare exited. The departure by Anthem and MDwise will leave Hoosiers in most areas of the state with two carrier options for 2018 – CareSource Indiana, Inc. and Celtic Insurance Co. which sells policies under the name of Managed Health Services (MHS) in the state of Indiana.

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Will the Better Care Reconciliation Act Replace the ACA?

By: Ben Fuelberth, June 23, 2017

It’s been a big week for news on health care! News of changes in Indiana’s individual market have certainly provided a good deal of fodder for discussion among individuals and benefits professionals alike. We’ll be sharing more about those impacts as we continue to monitor the changes. For now, let’s turn our focus to the story that’s playing out on a national stage this week.

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Understanding and Navigating FMLA

By: Ben Fuelberth, May 18, 2017

In my conversations with HR professionals over the years, I can’t recall a single person who has said “I love administering FMLA! I’m 100% confident that we do everything perfectly with all of our leaves!” It’s no surprise that the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) tends to be more of a “have-to” than a “want-to” for most employers. If handled incorrectly, FMLA has the potential to be a wet blanket on an employee’s otherwise good employment experience, not to mention the legal implications for the employer.

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Managing Pharmacy Spend

By: Ben Fuelberth, June 22, 2016

Pharmacy spend is now the fastest growing portion of healthcare spend, representing over 20% of all healthcare spend nationally. Managing healthcare spend is a business imperative for employers. Business profits can quickly become eroded based upon a bad renewal or claims year, leaving many employers looking for strategies to “stem the tide” of health insurance increases.

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