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Julie Bingham

Julie is a master of translation; she can distill complex technical compensation concepts and messages into clear, helpful information for employers and employees. At FirstPerson, Julie draws upon her deep expertise in compensation to help clients evaluate their total compensation packages in light of the organizational culture and the marketplace. Simply put, Julie helps businesses hire and maintain the best talent in their industry.
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Dangers of Paying Too Much

July 27, 2017

One of the more challenging compensation conversations I have as a consultant is helping clients understand that offering the highest pay isn’t always the best option. There are dangers and downsides to “overpaying” people. It’s certainly an unpopular sentiment at the neighborhood BBQ (and likely among many who read this blog).

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Why Should You Evaluate Your Compensation Program?

February 22, 2017

Towers Watson reports that “only 46% of organizations agree that their business strategy and objectives inform their talent management and reward programs, while over one fifth (22%) disagree or strongly disagree.”

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Supporting Compensation and Benefits Programs with a Total Rewards Philosophy

September 15, 2016

When it comes to total rewards, it’s important to identify your employment story, or employment proposition, and evaluate how your compensation and benefits programs reflect and support it. In this episode of the FirstPerson video blog, I sat down with Managing Director Mark Minner to talk about total rewards. Watch the video or read the transcript below. 

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The Case Against Pay Transparency

April 12, 2016

There have been many recent articles and policy discussions about transparency in pay and the positive impact it may have on performance and perceptions at work. In January of 2016, President Obama announced an executive order requiring companies with over 100 employees to report to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission how their pay breaks down by race, gender, and ethnicity. The intent is that greater transparency will encourage fair pay and discourage pay discrimination.

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Other Business Impacts of the Proposed FLSA Changes

January 26, 2016

A few things you might not have thought about regarding proposed changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act

On June 30, 2015 the Department of Labor (DOL) released its proposed changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime regulations. If enacted, it’s reported that "the proposed rule would more than double the salary level under which employees qualify for overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours in any given week; the current threshold of $455 per week/$23,660 annually would be adjusted to 2016 estimates of about $970 per week/$50,440 annually."

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