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How Male Allies Partner with Women for Gender Equality (Part 1)

By: Julie Kratz, March 15, 2018

For the next wave of gender equality, it is critical that men are involved in the movement. Here are two ways male allies can partner with women to promote gender equality.

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Leaders are Coaches

By: Julie Kratz, May 16, 2017

So far in the “Leaders Are…” series, we’ve built the trust , learned through curiosity , and exercised our infuence… now, we’re coaching.

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Leaders are Influential

By: Julie Kratz, February 17, 2017

“Influence trumps power any day”

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Leaders are Curious

By: Julie Kratz, January 4, 2017

Trust. It’s the basis of our relationships as leaders. Once we have established or re-established trust with our team, things get interesting.

I take note of a theme when it surfaces three or more times. And curiosity is a theme that has been on my radar for months. I am curious about curiosity.

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Good Leaders Tell Good Stories

By: Julie Kratz, November 4, 2016

People remember stories.

I was once on a bus tour in Gettysburg. As much as I was not looking forward to this activity, I really enjoyed it. In reflecting, I searched for the why. I realized the impact of the stories the driver told.

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