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Karen Seketa

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Want to Be a Great Manager? Get Up and Walk Around.

February 3, 2017

Management by Walking Around (MBWA) is a term from the 80's. I'm going to explain the term's origin and why it's never been more relevant than now.

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Culture, Transparency, Retention, and Happiness, Oh My!

December 9, 2016

If I had a dollar for every article, blog, or book I have read about “company culture” over the course of my career, I would be well on my way to a comfortable retirement by now. There are so many opinions about what company culture means and how it develops. Some believe culture is driven by those you hire. Others say culture exists around the mission and vision of a company. Still others define company culture as the behaviors of those in an organization and the meaning attached to those behaviors.

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Business Growing Pains: Aligning Your Communication

October 7, 2016

Over the past five years at Element Three, we’ve grown revenues by 587% and increased our staff from seven to 49 full-time employees. It’s all happened incredibly fast, which has forced our leadership team to realize that all of things you have to do in an organization to manage change effectively become increasingly more complex as you grow.

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Great Leaders Sharpen Their Decision-Making Skills

August 5, 2016

"The only reason you have a problem is that you haven't made a decision."

This is the opening line to a white paper by Gino Wickman of EOS Worldwide, titled, Decide! The One Common Denominator of All Great Leaders. In this white paper, Gino attributes the ability to make good decisions to great companies with great leaders.

It sounds so simple: Make a decision. But this is the key reason why leaders and companies fail. Analysis paralysis, overcomplicating simple decisions, debate, review, delay. It is a recipe for disaster, but it happens all the time.

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Eight Things to Do Before Interviewing Someone for Your Team

June 10, 2016

This post originally appeared on HubSpot’s Marketing blog.

Hiring the right talent for your organization has a direct impact on maintaining your competitive edge, so it is crucial that you don’t screw it up by short-changing the preparation required for the interview process. Sure, we all think it works out just fine to simply skim the resume four minutes before the candidate arrives and wing it, but I am willing to bet my hat that your lack of respect for the process has cost you some key talent. Even worse, it has led you to hire talent that does not work out or that walks into a whole host of surprises because they were only given partial information. I could talk all day about the interview process from start to finish, but I am going to focus this post on the eight most important things you should do to prepare for candidate interviews.

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