FirstPeeps, Financial, Well-Being


January 8, 2013
Just a little over a week into the New Year, and we’re back from our winter hibernation for more FirstPeeps!

Have you been able to keep your New Year’s resolution? Are you becoming more fit like you promised yourself?

We’re here to help! This week we bring you advice on how to get fit in the New Year—financially fit, that is.  No, it’s not about the numbers (as Paul Ashley will prove). It’s about kicking off the New Year with a holistic wellness approach. And yes, that means paying attention to your finances.

On this week’s episode of FirstPeeps, we asked a friend, partner, and financial expert to join us. And let us tell you, we’re lucky to have him here. Pete the Planner has appeared on Fox News, Fox Business, CNN Headline News, and numerous nationally syndicated radio programs. And now, he can add “FirstPeeps” to that list!

Cheers to getting financially fit in 2013!