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Elevating HR During a Time of High Business Growth

October 19, 2017

Elevating HR During a Time of High Business Growth

At FirstPerson, we have the pleasure of working with some of the fastest growing companies in Indianapolis. It’s an exciting time for them as we work alongside in these “stretch” phases of their businesses.

During high business growth, companies often focus on fundraising, innovation, and even survival; however, there can also be many challenges, specifically around employee attraction and retention models. While most startups or high-growth organizations provide the opportunity for employees to wear several hats and see the bigger picture, sometimes the overall employee experience and lifecycle are the last to be evaluated.

So how do you elevate your HR Department to support talent?

Elevating your Human Resources Department

When you’re focused on talent and have employees you can’t afford to lose, human resources becomes a real need. It presents the opportunity to elevate the HR role so it can be more focused on people—whether that’s a traditional recruiter or Chief Happiness Officer.  These strategic HR roles focus on the overall employee experience and how it impacts productivity and, ultimately, the bottom line. Instead of focusing on paperwork and HR compliance, these roles focus on the overall culture and environment that elevates the employee  experience.

HR technology becomes necessary to create efficiencies and enable these roles to become more strategic. Today we see the industry rapidly evolving to meet this need. If you are looking to provide your team more time to focus on people strategy, consider evaluating your HR technologies.

So when do you hire that people-focused role at your startup of just 10 employees? Or when do you budget for HR technology, allowing HR to scale with the business? Identifying when to flip the switch can be a challenge. Ask yourself the following questions to help you determine where you need assistance:

  1. Is the talent pool in which we are searching extremely competitive? (Think recruiting software)
  2. Do we struggle to determine a compensation philosophy that attracts and retains? (Think compensation partner or total compensation statements within a human resources information system)
  3. Have we grown so quickly that we forgot to train managers? (Think training program or an learning management system)
  4. Do we have employees who don’t understand their benefits and all the “perks” of the business? (Think benefits partner or online enrollment systems)
  5. How are we receiving feedback from employees in all stages of their lifecycle? (Think employee surveys)
  6. Did we hire our HR person only to overload them with tedious tasks like payroll and benefit administration? (Think outsource – FirstPerson’s SimplyPeople model)

When a partner makes sense

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then your next question should be whether you want to keep employee engagement strategy in-house or outsource to partners. Sometimes finding the right partners can be more valuable than creating a role and salary to do it in-house. Find the right partners and technology to allow your people-focused role to do just that—focus on the people.  We’ve started helping high-growth companies elevate their employee engagement strategy by taking them out of day-to-day payroll and benefits administration.

If you want to attract, retain, and keep a pulse on your employees’ happiness, start elevating your HR roles by hiring them as keepers of your culture instead of day-to-day administrators. There are an abundance of partners and technology solutions available who can take away the traditional HR tasks from a role that should have a seat at a table—especially during a time of high growth.

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