Encouraging Employee Engagement through Social Well-Being

Rachel Savieo
April 11, 2017


When we think of well-being, we often think of physical wellness first. But social well-being is key to overall wellness and is of vital importance to employee engagement. According to a Gallup study, engagement and well-being are the two factors that influence employee performance. And only 32% of employees who were studied felt engaged in their workplace.

Encouraging social well-being at work should be the fun part of your day. You don’t need to expend incredible amounts of energy into big social events for your employees. Here are a few ways you can encourage social well-being at work without spending a lot of time or money:

  1. Boost employee appreciation. Set a positive tone at team meetings by asking members to share how a co-worker helped them or brightened their day recently. You might even have tokens employees can gather as a reward when complimented and offer a small incentive when they earn a certain number of tokens.

  2. Encourage face-to-face conversation. In today’s world, it is easy to use email as the main form of communication regardless of how close in proximity we are to others. Encourage your employees to talk to each other in person or via phone rather than email whenever possible.

  3. Be accessible and willing to listen. Showing that you are willing to consider other viewpoints can set the stage for co-workers to do the same. Try having an open-door policy so your peers know they can come to you and that you will take the time to listen.

  4. Address gossip directly. Office politics and “gossip” are relationship killers at work. If employees are experiencing conflict, encourage them to talk directly to each other about it. Talking to co-workers will only make the situation worse and cause mistrust and animosity.

  5. Create a “Lunch Bunch” group. It’s not always possible, but getting away from the office for lunch together can go a long way to building employee relationships. Consider having a lunch outing scheduled periodically that employees can join if they are available.

Ask your employees for more ideas on how they would like to improve social well-being at work. You may be surprised at the creative, fun ideas they provide!