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Exceptional Experiences Ignite Defining Moments

November 8, 2017

Exceptional Expereinces Ignite Defining Moments

A couple of weeks ago we hugged a client.

Not literally, mind you. (Although we do that, too. Appropriately, by the way!)

There was an emergency. Our client’s VP of HR was distraught. Her college-aged son broke his ankle, requiring surgery and a lengthy hospital stay. To complicate matters, it happened in Korea. Insurance coverage for a student traveling abroad is challenging, especially where immediate medical attention is required without prior approval.

The VP reached out to her FirstPerson contact in a panic. Our account executive not only worked throughout the weekend to ensure coverage, she sent a “box of sunshine” to the VP. Filled with warm wishes, a happiness book, coloring book, and markers, it made her day.

So much so, she sent this note to her CEO, “Not only did Tina respond to my email on the weekend, and got me answers very quickly, her team sent this box to let me know they were thinking of me…These are defining moments for sure, and definitely make me feel great about our partnership with FirstPerson! Let me know if you think we can do things like this when our folks learn of challenges their contacts may be going through.”

Rounding out this exceptional experience was the text message the CEO sent me: “Your team is inspiring my team, and we’ll be a better company for it. Thanks for your influence on me and on us.”

A defining moment for sure. And proof that our purpose statement is true: FirstPerson exists to create exceptional experiences that make a lasting impact.

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