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Four Devices That Can Leverage Your Wellness Program

November 30, 2015


Motivation. Accountability. Willpower. No matter how you say it, sticking to goals and achieving your desired health outcomes requires intention and effort. The good news is that mobile apps and wearable devices, such as MyFitnessPal and FitBit, are making it easier than ever for individuals to stay motivated. The even better news is that as an organization you can leverage the success of these devices and create wellness initiatives that not only educate and motivate but also engage your employees from start to finish.

With all the available devices and apps, how do you select the one right for your organization? Below are my recommendations depending on what you're looking for in a device or app.

Cost is King

If you’re going for something more economical, try out an app such as Argus. It’s a free app that allows individuals to track steps, food, activity, weight, sleep, and more! Its sleek design is user-friendly, and integrates a social network that allows employees to cheer for and challenge each other.

Administrative Control

If you’re looking for more administrative control, consider Movband. This inexpensive device allows you to run challenges and manage administration from the back end. Tracking incentives and participation is so easy even the busiest HR professional can manage a MovChallenge.

Get Techy

For a tech savvy organization, I’d recommend a FitBit challenge. A FitBit is a wearable device that tracks movement, calories, sleep, and weight. It integrates the comprehensive tracking components of many web apps with the wearable technology that makes it easy and convenient for users. You can create a private employer group and watch the competition unfold.

Add Variety

Looking for variety in your wellness program? Consider a wellness reimbursement program, such as My Wellness Bucks. A wellness reimbursement program allows employees to select the device or app that’s right for them and gives the organization control over what they invest in. As the employer, you can limit the type of eligible expenses or the dollar amount. Each employee has different needs, so giving them the option to choose is a great way to build culture and improve the employee experience.

If you are looking to implement a physical activity initiative, using mobile apps and wearable devices can help you add value and increase employee engagement. These four options are a great place to start, but there are hundreds of options on the market. Open your web browser and see what you find. The possibilities are endless!


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