Performance Series 4: Turning Knowledge into Action

October 12, 2017

Performance Series 4: Turning Knowledge into Action

In our Performance Series 3 blog we asked, “How can we help leaders become more effective?” To answer this question, FirstPerson brought seven executives together for a pilot training series in which they learned from professional consultants from Performance pH, a visit to a high performing company, and from each other.

All seven executives found the experience to be of significant value, given their comments and insights, but will they really follow through in putting what they learned into practice? To get a sneak preview into the answer, we asked them about their intentions.

What actions will you now take?

“I have already reviewed key reinforcement topics with my group, and I am meeting with FirstPerson and Performance pH to brainstorm a potential series of sessions we could sponsor for my front line leaders.”

“I am already using the language of the High Performance Series in my strategic thinking sessions and in the development of our annual plan. While I want to focus on all common traits of high performing companies, I am looking at Strategic Direction (and internally branding and communicating it better) and Applied Metrics. We will hold management accountable for advancing these traits, yet we will do so by fully supporting them with the time, budget, and tools they need. I desperately want to start measuring our health and well-being, but we are not there yet. Instead, we will start offering various well-being initiatives in which our staff can participate." 

“I will be utilizing the results from the Performance Climate Survey to improve the areas needed to move up the levels of the hierarchy of performance. I also anticipate reaching out to the other executives in our group to get their feedback as I take the steps needed.”

“I have already rolled out a mentoring program through which our executive team helps our front line service providers. I also need to redirect the Executive Team to focus more on culture. Finally, I need to measure what we do in all of the areas common for high performance companies – we need real metrics.”

“We were already working with a business coach, so we will continue to take the information learned and implement it throughout the company. We are building our internal ’operating system’ as we speak, so this will all play a huge part in how we approach and shape this company.”

John Harris is a Partner at Performance pH. This blog post is the fourth in a four-part series discussing empowered and high-performing companies. Check out the other blogs in this series: