Setting the Tone

Bryan Brenner
April 27, 2017

Woman standing in busy creative office.png

The mythological entrepreneur doesn’t have an office. Or maybe she does, but isn’t there often as she’s always on the move. And that’s ok, provided she’s created an environment to grow a culture that emphasizes a shared mission and supports continuous innovation.

In fact, that’s how many entrepreneurs succeed. They see an opportunity and birth an idea. But in order to bring it to fruition, they need a skilled team of collaborators –especially leaders—who can execute on deliverables.

Once you have those people in place, how do you build a structure that supports creativity, problem solving, and the recognition of sustainable opportunities?

Dawson King, a professor at Cambridge University (take a look at one of my previous posts, “Debunking the stereotype”), proposes several ways to help an entrepreneurial organization flourish. I’ve added my perspective as well.

Empower. Foster an environment where anyone can come forward with an idea to improve any aspect of the business. Permission to test a good idea – and to possibly fail – should be freely given.

Listen. Create a forum to explore ideas with your team. Allow them to design possible executions.

Acknowledge. Recognize all contributions and give credit where credit is due.

Challenge. Take the lead on challenging status quo systems. Differentiate between rules and/or processes needed to guide performance and those that may restrict innovation and success.

The entrepreneur leader who sets a tone of freedom within clearly defined direction is one who can take a team and its thinking way beyond the office walls.

This was post was written by FirstPerson CEO & Founder, Bryan Brenner. It was originally posted on March 21, 2017 on BryanBrenner.com.