Seven Ways to Hug Your Clients

October 6, 2015

Two mugs with hear design

So, you got a new client. Great! Now how do you make sure you keep them? If you’re thinking you can send them a holiday e-greeting and you’re good until next year, think again.

The secret to building lasting relationships with clients is to show you care. You know, think about them. Because your clients are real people just like you and like to feel like they are more than just another number. Just don’t think about them too much and start fawning. (That’s creepy.)

So why would you even want to hug your clients? Our CEO, Bryan Brenner, says it all comes down to building strong, personal relationships. There are plenty of ways to do this, but it's best to start by celebrating their wins and acknowledging your partnership. Here are seven ways to hug your clients:

  1. Welcome clients on their first visit to your office. When you know a new client is visiting your office for the first time, greet them with some swag, such as chocolate wrapped in your brand’s colors or a larger branded gift like a coffee mug. At FirstPerson, we love to give our clients Lindt milk chocolate truffles in red wrapping or a Tervis tumbler with our logo.

    From the moment your clients walk in the door to the minute they leave, create a welcoming environment that makes them feel comfortable each time they visit. Make them see how much you care about their business and the people in it.

  2. Acknowledge clients on social media. If you see a good story in the news about a client, send them a tweet to tell them how awesome they are. A little love on social media is just a small way to acknowledge you are paying attention to their business and its achievements.

  3. Mail a greeting card. Even if it’s just a card to say hello, clients will feel an instant connection to your company when you treat the people inside like they are, well, actual people. You can even take it a step further and throw in a small $5 gift card to say thank you for something they did for you. FirstPerson recently created an arrangement of branded greeting cards ranging from get well soon cards, to client anniversary cards, and everything in between. It brightens our day to make our clients feel special.

  4. Send contacts leaving their role out in style. Have you worked with someone at a client’s office for a long time and found out they are retiring or moving on? Send them a thoughtful gift to show how much you enjoyed working with them and wish them the best of luck. Give them something they can put on their desk to remember the time they worked with you.

  5. Congratulate them. Create a gift box you can send to your client to congratulate them for making a prestigious list or winning an award. Recognize them and show them it’s a big deal. FirstPerson is big on giving themed gift boxes for various events—here are some ideas to get you started!

  6. Show support for life’s milestones. When you know someone is getting married or having a baby, congratulate them, even if it’s just sending a card. These are big life events and should be treated like it!

  7. Celebrate your milestone anniversaries. Throw clients a happy hour, celebrate over lunch, or send them a card to say how much your partnership means to you. Because partnering for one year, five years, and even 20 years is something to be proud of. Show your clients how much you value them choosing you.

If you make sure to hug your clients and celebrate them, you won’t have to worry about losing them. Sure, things will happen and the world isn’t perfect, but treating people in a company like they are friends and not just someone paying you will make them want to stick around.


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