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The Power of Experience

October 24, 2017

The Power of Experience

Our new mantra at FirstPerson: “Is this an exceptional experience?”

There’s a continued buzz about experience. Consumer experience, employee experience. A plethora of surveys that trail your purchases, wanting to know “how was your experience?”

Steve Jobs obsessed about Apple products creating a special experience for buyers. The precise packaging, clean design, the ubiquitous “tasted apple” logo. We’re drawn into a world of elegance and the expectation of excellence even as we unwrap our newest iPhone.

As I see it, there are really two kinds of experience. Steve Jobs had the first one right. Google the definition of the word, and you’ll land on several sources. One defines experience as “involvement in, participation in, contact with, acquaintance with, exposure to, observation of, awareness of, insight into.” It’s a visceral engagement where our brains connect. We see, touch, feel, receive. There’s a spirit conveyed, if you will, that leads to a takeaway intentionally created. We’ve learned something about Apple.

Experience #2 is what you come to as you rack up experience #1. Those participatory experiences lead to impressions that lead to “knowledge or skill acquired by experience over a period of time.”  Most often this speaks to professional acumen, developing muscle in a particular discipline.

FirstPerson exists to create exceptional experiences that make a lasting impact. We work with organizations who are committed to their people to cultivate a culture that allows people to encounter meaning in their work.

Experiences accumulate to create a personal portfolio of knowledge or skill or awareness or growth. We enter into them. An exceptional experience will stand out, delight us, and leave us wanting more. A connection has been made between the designer and the receiver of the experience.

Experience powers relationships.