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Top 10 Blogs from 2016

Nicole Wood
December 30, 2016

Top 10 Blogs from 2016

It's hard to believe 2017 is almost here! This year has been quite crazy with many surprising twists and turns.  Proposed changes to FLSA legislation. Insurance companies dropping out of the Individual Marketplace. Trump elected as president. The list could go on.

Instead of rambling off everything that happened this past year, we thought we'd compile the top 10 blogs from 2016.  Check them out:

  1. Trump and the ACA: Change Remains the Only Constant by Paul Ashley
    Even though Donald Trump made clear statements about his position on the Affordable Care Act – promising, at times, to make its repeal Job One after he moves into the White House – his victory in the 2016 presidential election actually only continues the uncertainty.
  2. Form 1095-C: Communicating to Employees by Kelly Eckman
    Whether you are breathing a sigh of relief from the delay of submitting Form 1095-C to the IRS, or you have opted to forge ahead and issue your 1095-Cs in January, we encourage you to communicate about the forms in advance.
  3. Workplace Trends for 2016 [Video] by Paul Ashley
    Each fall, our team gets together to identify workplace trends we see emerging in the coming year. Watch the short video below to hear from me and CEO Bryan Brenner on what workplace trends we predicted for 2016.
  4. Millennials Own It by Todd Richardson
    By 2025, Millennials will be roughly 75% of our workforce. So Millennials, here's some advice about how to effectively work within the constraints of the modern workplace.
  5. New FLSA Overtime Rules: Emotional Impact by Deb Hunter
    In addition to analyzing your employees' salaries and determining how all of this is going to affect your budget, what do you need to be doing in preparation of this deadline?
  6. Budget-Friendly Workplace Wellness Ideas by Mechelle Meadows
    Do you have a tight budget for well-being at your organization? No problem! Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need unlimited resources to host an effective wellness program.
  7. Three Reasons Human Resources Should Partner with Marketing by Ellen Humphrey
    Over the course of my career, I’ve learned so much from my colleagues in finance, business development, operations, and customer service—to name a few; however, in every organization I’ve worked, I’ve realized how critical it is to nurture the relationship between HR and marketing.
  8. The Ins and Outs of Health Savings Accounts by Kelly Eckman
    HSAs are a hot topic in the benefits world these days. Whether you’re new to HSAs or looking for a refresher, here are some key questions and answers regarding the ins and outs of HSAs.
  9. The Dos and Don'ts of Communication in the Workplace by Nicole Wood
    Employee communication seems like it should be straightforward, right? If everyone communicated the same way, it would be a piece of cake. But we don’t. Each person at your workplace is unique, and so is the way they like to communicate and be communicated with.
  10. Seven Ways to Engage Teleworkers and Strengthen Company Culture by Todd Richardson
    In the blog The Case for Telecommuting Workforce, I took a dive into the perks and pitfalls of having employees who telework. In order to get this right, it’s important to understand that it comes down to the issue of culture.
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