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How to Protect Your Children from Becoming Victims of Pay Equity

By: Julie Bingham, February 22, 2018

When evaluating compensation, always remember that “market is a range,” and there is no single “right number” for how much a position or person should be compensated within the range. Although ranges can sometimes be wide, based on the level and complexity of the job, there is only one case where I have witnessed a range so egregiously wide and unreasonable it led me to, well, write this blog!

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Top 10 Blogs from 2017

By: Nicole Wood, December 20, 2017

At the close of each year, we enjoying taking a moment to reflect on what content resonated most deeply with employers. This year we saw employers placing more emphasis on their people strategy, thinking big picture about how to best engage their people and grow their business. Check out what human resources teams are thinking about with our most popular blogs from this year.

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Powering an Evolution: Guiding Employees Through Change and Making an Impact

By: Louonna Kachur, November 1, 2017

Sometimes, the hardest part of creating organizational change is getting your people to feel the change.

I saw how true this can be shortly after I joined Early Learning Indiana in early 2016. Although a process of evolution was underway when I arrived – in part because of a new, big contract and in part because our leaders recognized the need for change – I heard and saw things that told me that not everyone was feeling the difference.

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Dangers of Paying Too Much

By: Julie Bingham, July 27, 2017

One of the more challenging compensation conversations I have as a consultant is helping clients understand that offering the highest pay isn’t always the best option. There are dangers and downsides to “overpaying” people. It’s certainly an unpopular sentiment at the neighborhood BBQ (and likely among many who read this blog).

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Why Should You Evaluate Your Compensation Program?

By: Julie Bingham, February 22, 2017

Towers Watson reports that “only 46% of organizations agree that their business strategy and objectives inform their talent management and reward programs, while over one fifth (22%) disagree or strongly disagree.”

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