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The Power of Experience

October 24, 2017

Our new mantra at FirstPerson: “Is this an exceptional experience?”

There’s a continued buzz about experience. Consumer experience, employee experience. A plethora of surveys that trail your purchases, wanting to know “how was your experience?”

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Performance Series 4: Turning Knowledge into Action

October 12, 2017

In our Performance Series 3 blog we asked, “How can we help leaders become more effective?” To answer this question, FirstPerson brought seven executives together for a pilot training series in which they learned from professional consultants from Performance pH, a visit to a high performing company, and from each other.

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Performance Series 3: Bringing It All Together

September 18, 2017

How can we help leaders become more effective? To answer this question, FirstPerson made the following hypothesis: C-level executives will effectively learn, grow, and become more effective by interacting with each other and by witnessing high performance culture in action.

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How to Recognize Employees without Giving a Promotion

September 7, 2017

"Let's promote him!"

This is unfortunately a very common response by leaders when they have a great performer within their company. He's been with the company "long enough," and now the leaders find themselves wondering what they're going to do so he doesn't leave the company.

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Finding Success in Failure: Building an Engaging Culture

June 9, 2017

It’s easy to think that bad things can’t happen to your organization when things are going well. But signs of trouble can hide themselves during periods of growth. And when left ignored, these issues can cripple a company.

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