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Exceptional Experiences Ignite Defining Moments

By: Bryan Brenner, November 8, 2017

A couple of weeks ago we hugged a client.

Not literally, mind you. (Although we do that, too. Appropriately, by the way!)

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The Power of Experience

By: Bryan Brenner, October 24, 2017

Our new mantra at FirstPerson: “Is this an exceptional experience?”

There’s a continued buzz about experience. Consumer experience, employee experience. A plethora of surveys that trail your purchases, wanting to know “how was your experience?”

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You Know You Work in HR When ...

By: Deb Hunter, December 21, 2016


There are some tell-tale signs you work in Human Resources, from  snooping on candidates on Facebook to spouting off crazy acronyms only those in the "trade" understand and even  becoming the Jack or Jill of all trades at the office. There are many ways  to explain how you know you work in HR, but here are my favorites.

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FirstPeeps Kick Off the Holiday Season by Giving Thanks

By: Amber Griffin, November 22, 2016

Move over fall (and summer-like weather!); the holiday season is officially here. Although the FirstPeeps have been busy during Open Enrollment season, we had a chance last week to take some time to slow down at our Thanksgiving Pitch-In.

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Office Traditions & Halloween Fun

By: Nicole Wood, October 31, 2016

Tradition. What does it mean? To my family it means turkey enchiladas the day after Thanksgiving, Grandma baking your favorite birthday cake, and making New Year’s predictions at our Christmas gatherings. I love how these traditions give me something to look forward to each year.

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