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Is Your HR Software Hurting Your Employee Experience?

By: Jessica Stephenson, May 15, 2018

With so many options available in the human resources technology space, it’s no surprise that HR software often turns into a love-hate relationship with employers. The key to whether you have the most suitable software in place depends on how it aligns with your people strategy and its ability to turn stored HR data into impactful insights.

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The Change Generation is Coming

By: Dora Lutz, May 4, 2018

Most leaders already know they have a culture gap between leadership and the employees they need to hire. Most don't realize that the gap is about to get even wider. It's not speculation, it's not under debate. The 'Change Generation' is coming.

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How Male Allies Partner with Women for Gender Equality (Part 1)

By: Julie Kratz, March 15, 2018

For the next wave of gender equality, it is critical that men are involved in the movement. Here are two ways male allies can partner with women to promote gender equality.

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Why You're Struggling to Figure Out HR

By: Mike Bensi, March 7, 2018

When hiring for a specific role, it's easy to fixate on finding the perfect person. Someone who can pay attention to the details, while navigating complex relationships. Someone who can manage projects at a quick pace, while taking time to make difficult decisions. Someone who just doesn't exist. A unicorn, if you will.

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How to Talk About Power in the Workplace

By: Mike Bensi, March 2, 2018

Whether it involved company cultures (Uber) or specific individuals in positions of power, 2017 saw issue after issue of bad behavior from authority figures; however, these events also created something positive—a new conversation. Responses such as the #MeToo movement brought the issue of workplace harassment to the forefront. That new conversation is changing how business leaders address the issue of power in their workplaces.

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