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Three Approaches to Leading Change

By: Bryan Brenner, May 25, 2018

FirstPerson has been in a state of change for a long time. It’s in our DNA. And has been since we launched 20 years ago. Our growth is a result of continuous innovation and improvement.

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How Male Allies Partner with Women for Gender Equality (Part 1)

By: Julie Kratz, March 15, 2018

For the next wave of gender equality, it is critical that men are involved in the movement. Here are two ways male allies can partner with women to promote gender equality.

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How to Talk About Power in the Workplace

By: Mike Bensi, March 2, 2018

Whether it involved company cultures (Uber) or specific individuals in positions of power, 2017 saw issue after issue of bad behavior from authority figures; however, these events also created something positive—a new conversation. Responses such as the #MeToo movement brought the issue of workplace harassment to the forefront. That new conversation is changing how business leaders address the issue of power in their workplaces.

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Welcome to the New HR

By: Bryan Brenner, January 31, 2018

It’s no secret the concept of brand loyalty is dying. Today’s customers are savvy. They want lasting and meaningful engagement, and are only staying engaged while their needs are met. Stop fulfilling them, and the customer is gone. Your brand can no longer be the only factor keeping them engaged. As workplace leaders, it’s time to recognize that these customers are also our employees, and they expect our businesses to be reinvented and engaged in their reality and journey. It’s time to deconstruct the current HR system.

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Mastering the Art of Delegation

By: Mike Bensi, January 26, 2018

Grit. Unshakeable. Strength. These words thrive in the titles of leadership development books and create ideals of how effective leaders should think and act. Images of perseverance and bravery may come to mind, depending on what your Netflix binge-show-of-choice is.

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