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Brooke's Place: Indianapolis Brackets for Good Winner 2017 [Video]

May 30, 2017

Up against 63 other local nonprofits in Brackets for Good of Indianapolis, Brooke's Place took a competitive fundraising lead and was awarded a generous $10,000 grand prize for their organization. Watch the video or read the transcript below to learn more about Brooke's Place and how you can help transform grief into hope.

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How to Manage Increasing Pharmacy Spend [Video]

May 9, 2017
 Employer spending on prescriptions is climbing each year. Many (employers and employees) are left curious about the cause and unsure of how to respond. Employees want answers from their employers, pharmacies, and advisors. Are you prepared to offer context and guidance to them? Managing Director Paul Ashley and Advisor Ryan Miller discuss how employers can approach this conversation with their employees, and the tools available to aid them in the prescription landscape. Watch the video or read the transcript below.
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Building Courage, Character, and Confidence for Girls in Central Indiana [VIDEO]

August 25, 2016

It’s that time again to feature a nonprofit making a difference in Indiana. This month, we invited Deborah Smith, CEO of Girl Scouts of Central Indiana, to talk about their story and how they’re making a difference in the lives of girls in Indiana. Watch the video or read the transcript below. 

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5 ways to sweet success

May 15, 2013

Yesterday, we celebrated our Sweet 16 success – ranking 16 in the small employer category for “Best Places to Work in Indiana.” So we wanted to share with you some of the best practices that placed 13 of our clients on this list as well.

Receiving an award is an honor, it is also much more honorable to be recognized as an employer of choice by your most valuable asset – your employees. To achieve a culture in which your employees are engaged and satisfied, Mark Minner and Paul Ashley give you practical tips while referencing SHRM’s Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement survey. Don't miss out, it's all in this week’s episode of FirstPeeps!

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March 27, 2013

You’re probably wondering, “What’s mathilosophy?”

Mathilosophy is something that will allow you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is a term that has come about with the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act just around the corner. It’s time to consider both the math and philosophy (or mathilosophy) when determining your organization’s Health Care Reform strategy.

If all you do is run the numbers, you will miss out on the cultural impact. If you only think philosophically about culture, you will miss out on potential savings or incur a crippling cost. In considering the mathilosophy, you can formulate a strategy that will allow your organization to flourish in confusing and changing times.

On this week’s episode of FirstPeeps, Mark and Paul look at the tools you need to successfully attack Health Care Reform with matphilosophy.

As you actively address what the next year will mean for your company, consider having a conversation with one of our advisors, looking through our, or attending one of our

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