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Office Traditions & Halloween Fun

By: Nicole Wood, October 31, 2016


Tradition. What does it mean? To my family it means turkey enchiladas the day after Thanksgiving, Grandma baking your favorite birthday cake, and making New Year’s predictions at our Christmas gatherings. I love how these traditions give me something to look forward to each year.

Although commonly seen among families, traditions are a great way to promote team bonding and enhance company culture. Today is one of my favorite office traditions we celebrate at FirstPerson: Halloween.

This time of year, we're in the thick of Open Enrollment season. And our team takes any opportunity to have a little fun and festivity. Each year we all dress up—either individually or as a group—and parade around the office to see what everyone's costume looks like. From the "partners in crime" to hippies and superheroes, we've seen it all. And amidst all the laughing and sugar highs, we're still managing to get some work done.

There is an endless list of traditions you can adopt. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  1. Halloween costume contest
  2. Rob your neighbor gift exchange
  3. Holiday party
  4. Sports team attire days
  5. Company picnic or outing
  6. Egg hunt
  7. Thanksgiving pitch-in
  8. Green attire on St. Patrick's Day

Whether leadership plans out what traditions your company wants to adopt, or it happens organically with your employees, traditions add a special touch to your company culture.

What traditions do you have at your company?

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