Why You Need Brand Ambassadors

January 22, 2016

Why you need brand ambassadors

Every successful organization strives to have a strong brand. Without one, it’s difficult to fuel growth and sales. While there are traditional and inbound marketing channels, a brand ambassador can be just as valuable in spreading awareness about your brand.

What is a brand ambassador?

Before I go into detail, I’ll first tell you what it is not. A brand ambassador is not a spokesperson. They’re not paid to tell people why your widget is awesome and the best thing since sliced bread.

A brand ambassador, according to Entrepreneur, is “someone who eats, lives, and breathes your brand.” They’re people who simply love your brand and sing your praises because of their belief in your mission. And often your clients and employees are your best brand advocates.

Benefits for your business

You may be asking yourself, “Why is this important and how is it helpful to my organization?” Beyond spreading awareness, a brand ambassador can help strengthen your brand in other ways. Hootsuite takes a magnifying glass to the other benefits, below:

A brand ambassador…

  • Humanizes your brand
  • Helps you increase your social reach
  • Helps protect your online reputation
  • Provides positive word-of-mouth
  • Helps increase traffic to your website
  • Helps increase awareness of your brand in regions you’re not present

Traits of a good brand ambassador

While anyone who admires your organization can get the job done, there are certain traits that make the best ambassadors. Here are a few key traits:

  • Established online presence, whether they’re a blogger or on Facebook or Twitter. The key is that they have a decent sized network.
  • Culture fit. These people are an extension of your company, so ensuring they align with your culture, market message, and tone will make their recommendation of you more genuine.
  • Ability to build and maintain strong relationships. This is the recipe for long-term customer loyalty.
  • Innovative and creating thinking. This person is another set of ears in the market, allowing you to gain valuable insight on everything from perception of your brand to product development and client needs.

While you may have individuals—clients and partners—who are fabulous external brand advocates, don’t dismiss one of your most valuable assets: your employees. Don’t wait to take advantage of this valuable resource to promote your organization. Identify who your brand ambassadors are and let them work their magic!