W-2 Reporting Planning and Guidance

As part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), many employers have Form W-2 reporting requirements. As we head into a new year, we want to give you a refresher on the three requirements that you need to know. 1. Reporting the value of group health coverage provided to employees For the 2019 Form W-2, many […]

Why Technology Matters

Poll anyone off the street, and they’ll absolutely agree that technology matters. If you ask FirstPerson CEO and founder, Bryan Brenner, he’ll tell you that technology can “increase productivity and efficiency, and enhance the work experience for [your] employees.” According to Will Forrest, Principal at McKinsey & Company and a leading expert on the business […]

Unraveling PBMs and Their Role in the Marketplace

Once upon a time, buying a new car meant purchasing it directly from the automaker. Then dealerships emerged to function as intermediaries between manufacturers and consumers. As a result, we’re all accustomed to buying new cars from dealers representing one or more brands exclusively. But imagine if, rather than being brand-specific, dealerships sold any and […]

The PCOR Fee Filing Deadline is July 31, 2018, and We Are Here to Help!

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) created the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) fee, which must be paid by group health plans. We have good news for employers with fully insured group health plans: No further action is needed unless you sponsor a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA), which is considered a self-funded group health plan. Employers sponsoring […]

Trump Working to Remove Pre-Existing Condition Protection

In just a few months there is a mid-term election, and both sides of the aisle will be politicking and posturing for votes and—ultimately—control of Congress. One issue that has been part of the landscape since 2010 is Health Care Reform and the Affordable Care Act. In fact, Republicans successfully ran on this issue in […]

Building an Innovation Team from the Ground Up | IBJ

As one of our five core values, innovation is a priority for the team at FirstPerson. Bryan Brenner and Mark Minner connect with IBJ reporter John Russell about FirstPerson’s strategy, and how it’s making a difference for HR professionals in Indiana. Read the full story below or by clicking here. Indiana is brimming with thousands […]

Is Your HR Software Hurting Your Employee Experience?

With so many options available in the human resources technology space, it’s no surprise that HR software often turns into a love-hate relationship with employers. The key to whether you have the most suitable software in place depends on how it aligns with your people strategy and its ability to turn stored HR data into […]

FirstPerson COO & General Counsel Named One of Indy’s Most Pivotal Leaders 2018

Indy’s Most Pivotal Leaders is an exclusive half-day leadership workshop that inspires, connects, and refuels emerging and established leaders. Those recognized on this list include emerging leaders, directors, and c-suite executives who have made substantial contributions to their businesses and the Greater Indianapolis community. This year, benefits and compliance strategy powerhouse Catherine (Katy) Stowers has […]

IRS Revises (again) the Family HSA Maximum Contribution

In a surprising move, the IRS reversed its March 5, 2018 decision to decrease the maximum family HSA contribution by $50. On April 26, 2018 the IRS released Revenue Procedure 2018-27 which restored the maximum family HSA contribution to $6,900. This is welcome news to those who have not made any changes to contribution limits, […]

Indiana Chamber Unveils Rankings for the 125 Best Places to Work in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (May 3, 2018) – The Indiana Chamber of Commerce honored a record 125 companies at the 2018 Best Places to Work in Indiana celebration dinner, with rankings announced in four categories. Winning companies ranged in employee count from 16 to more than 1,700. These top companies in the state were determined through employer reports […]